Be notified when your site is down

Website uptime monitoring

+ no UI, we send an email when your site is down

+ monitor as many URLs as you want

+ this is free and open source software

+ host it yourself or use our instance

+ embed it in your website (see the docs here)

Start now, enter your site URL:

   As of today:

immediate ROI

Very easy to install. 

Straightforward to maintain.

Absolutely Free

We are free software activists, 

Freedom has no price.

API & web hooks

A simple way for you to build a status page or send a tweet when things go wrong.

work with us

You can extend the tool and contribute.

Or hire one of us.

About Monitoshi

This is a product of @lexoyo and the Silex Labs members.
Contact Us

+33(6) 76 68 38 06
Contact us on //
on twitter @lexoyo

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