Monitoshi free checks

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What I like is that Monitoshi “works”. What I mean by this is that if your site is flaky or hiccups at all, you’ll know about it. And something that many people do not know - the search engines virtually stop sending you traffic if you are flaky for any length of time.

Moreover, Monitoshi is free and it checks your site once a minute - and if you want to be sure your site is strong (read: not at all flaky) you want to check every minute for sure.

During the last decade, I have run various online services, and tried many remote monitoring systems. Monitoshi is by far the best hands down. It is simple, and it works.

One of the best features is monitoring response time (and graphic) * although I would really like to see alerts started depending on the response time too, but alas, I’m sure it will come.

As another reviewer noted, they (or did) have a bug, but it is one that I can live with. When we had significant downtime (when moving in fact web hosts) we got about 80 consecutive alerts. But cure that by setting the high-# alerts for any incident to 3 or another. And guess what, the other guests surveillance that I never sent with additional alerts, but they missed flakiness that on one occasion ended up economic loss of tens of thousands of dollars over a period of several months.

If you rely on your site (s) Web, run Monitoshi. And no, we’re not affiliated with them in any way, they just rock.