Full Stack Developer

Software Architect

Team Leader

Co-founder and working full time on my favorite projects:
@internet2000 @silex @blue

I am an experienced CTO and a senior Javascript full stack developer. I have initially developed my leadership abilities in startup environments as well as in open source communities. At a more personal level, I volunteer to bring diversity to tech companies .

I have significant experience in consulting, architecture, planning and development on critical projects for corporations and startups. Directly hired as a contractor by large companies such as TF1, France Télévisions, BBDO, ...

In the last 15 years I have been a CTO for 5 years and a freelancer/entrepreneur for 6 years. I am the maintainer of Silex #1 open source website builder and the president of Silex Labs non profit organization with 200+ members.

I am an engineer, and I use the following technologies and tools on a daily basis for years:



Dev tools

Industrial workflow

Saas tools