Monitoring service

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Monitoshi is an availability monitoring service very reliable and valuable. As time evolved, we are moving more and more websites to their availability monitoring service.

The interface is very easy to configure and use. It has been a while since we need their help desk support / technology, but I seem to remember that it is very responsive.

The great thing about an availability monitoring service is that they help keep your honest web hosting company. Periodically, we have Web sites on servers that are beginning to have problems. Sometimes the hosting company helpdesk will try to give you the run around the availability of servers. All we have to do is reference the Monitoshi reports to see what the real story is. From time to time, we offer provide a screenshot of the availability and response time for Monitoshi their server. Monitoshi acts as a very convincing piece of evidence.

In summary, we were very happy with Monitoshi and continue to add sites to their service for monitoring availability.