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Alex Hoyau
Freelance Full Stack Developer
Software Architect, Team Leader
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In 10+ years working as a developer, architect and team leader in the development of web applications, I have also contributed code to many open source projects in order to be the best at what I do: making your technical projects succeed.

I am the freelancer you need to bootstrap a project, upgrade your team or give you the best advice which suites your needs at this precise moment and for the foreseeable future. 

Also you might need to setting up a team of talents for a 1 time mission? As the president of Silex Labs foundation, I am at the center of a developers and designers community, we are talented and ready to take on your challenge!

I am an engineer, and I use the following technologies and tools on a daily basis for years:

chat irc
Command line
Flash ecosystem
Adobe Edge node.jsAngular JsTypeScriptHaxe NPM package managerGrunt automatisation toolYeomanDockerGoogle closure js compiler VIM editor Heroku: nodejs hosting paas Travis: continuous integration paasgithub: social coding Jenkins: open source continuous integration servergitlab: open source alternative to githubtesting and deployment paasCode Climate for quality of codeBrowserStack for automated tests
Dev tools
Build, package, deploy
Saas tools
chat irc